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Mature content
SMEXY LEMON :iconbubble-beast:bubble-beast 148 89
Slenderman x Reader Slenderman playing Slenderman
    "Slendy." y/n said, as she/he sat upside down on the office chair, staring at the neat printed copies of paper that were slowly forming into a tower on Slenderman's desk. She/he had been sitting there for nearly an hour trying to pull him away from his stupid work, and alas, nothing seemed to be working. "Slenderman, Please."
No response. Just the sounds of fingers swiftly connecting with the keyboard buttons, rapidly typing long sentences on God knows what subject. Y/n never did understand what it was exactly was that Slenderman actually did besides lure people to their death. She/He didn't really wish to know either.
"Slender." Y/n said, this time coming up behind him and looking over his shoulder as he typed away on the computer. The computer had been BEN's doing who had convinced him that writing on notes was time-consuming and such an ancient way of doing things. Posting memo papers to trees was now a rare thing he did, as pesky campers and lost travelers wouldn
:iconcutenekogirlwhisp:CuteNekoGirlWhisp 562 262
slenderman x cutter!abused!reader pt 2
(y/n)’s pov
   A few days after I met the one in the forests I found myself strangely wanting to see him again. So I quickly grabbed a flashlight and slipped on my boots and carefully climbed out the window heading into the forest. The man had never told me his name so I had decided upon tall man.
“Tall man…oh tall man?”
I called out and was met with no reply I soon came across a page it read
“Can’t run!!!”
I shrugged and grabbed it and continued calling for him I began hearing whispers
“Turn around turn around turn around”
I followed the instructions of the strange voices and was met with Him staring at me I threw my arms around his neck
“Tall man!!!!”
He paused and wrapped his arms around me
“Hello (y/n) you mustn’t creep into the forests like that”
“Aw but I just wanted to see you tall man”
“My names Slenderman but you may call me Slendy”
He picked me up
“Now your paren
:iconrockinemogirl:rockinemogirl 132 29
Mature content
Smexy x Reader Lemon :iconnykesterwaltzz:NykesterWaltzz 51 14
Mature content
Sexual Offenderman LEMON (LONG ONE XD) :icontrishthekiller:TrishTheKiller 393 221
Slender brothers X reader Thanksgiving
Slender brothers X reader
Reader's point of view 
You sighed in sadness, because tomorrow was thanksgiving and you were going to have to spend it alone. None of your family could make it to your feast, because they were all either invited to another party or were on vacation with their kids for the week. Tears began to run down your cheek as you sat on your couch with your knees up to your chest. Your family always did this to you, and you were growing tired of it, so that was one of the reasons you moved out to live alone.
You wept on your couch for who knows how long until you heard a *BEEP! coming off on your phone. You wiped away your tears, to pick up your phone, and see what the screen had to display. It was your online friend, Splendor or that is how you know him as. You smiled delightfully for his chats always seemed to comfort you the most. You had met Splendor on KiK, while you were messing around with some of the messaging apps, y
:iconalextheli0n:AlexTheLi0n 218 20
Slender brothers X Reader - CYO - Offender PART 2
Slender Brothers X Reader - Choose your own adventure!
--Sexual Offenderman-- PART 2 --Hide and seek--
"Kyaa!" You were woken up by the feeling of something squeezing your bottom and any fatigue you had was washed away instantly, quickly you sit up and shift to the side of the bed you had fallen asleep in, glancing left and right to try and remember where exactly you were. Only when you saw who was lead next to you did you remember in full... The Sexual Offenderman! Your cheeks began to glow a bright shade of red, so bright you could have lit the entire room without a problem, Offender hadn't done anything to you beyond a bit of foreplay as you ended up collapsing after your body finally gave in after everything that had happened the night before. "Good morning [Name]~" Offender was lead on top of the covers, his trench coat on the floor in a pile leaving his very attractive torso exposed to the morning light, in between his fingers was a deep red rose, twirling as he teased it and rol
:iconpk-lovex:PK-Lovex 65 11
Monster (Slenderman x Fem!Logical!Reader) -RQ-
Warning: Some cursing and mild gore.
You sighed, staring out the Toyota’s window at the darkened scenery around you. The lights of (town) were long behind you as Fred, your roommate, drove further into the countryside.
"Why do you have to drag me along on this venture, Fred?" you asked tiredly, knowing you had an english essay waiting at your apartment for you to complete.
"Why not?" he asked with a grin, bobbing his head excitedly. "Don't you want to see this mysterious creature that's supposedly killed so many people? Besides, you agreed to come with me."
"I suppose I did," you grumbled, mentally berating yourself for the decision. "However, this is exceedingly childish and I hope you never ask me on one of your insane ventures again."
"Aw, lighten up, (f/n)!" Fred whined, glancing over at you.
You refused to answer him again, and simply stared out the window as his beat-up truck continued to rumble down the bumpy road.
The blue analog clock on the dashboard had just fla
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 224 44
His Present_One_Shot_Trenderman X Reader

AN: Somehow my writing involves the character being OOC and being cheesy

Sorry for that >_<
Unlike Smexy's though this one is more or less fluffy

I looked at him and I stared.
I was waiting in anticipation, my head pounding and my heart doing somersaults as I tried to hand him the gift that was waiting to be unwrapped.
I smiled at his face which was scrunched up, studying, and gazing at the object at my hands. Biting my lip, I noticed he didn’t say anything or even move to accept the present. I faked a smile and decided to repeat myself.
“Here.” I said.
Despite my impatience, I was only met with an icy silence to which he didn’t even budge. I didn’t know how to react or how long I’ve been standing there before I saw him about to speak. I held my breath in eagerness as I let his voice raise my hopes.
“I can
:iconcrescentshadows19:crescentshadows19 17 13
Commitments_One-Shot_Sexual Offenderman X Reader

AN: My first fanfic that I posted :D
Sorry since I made Smexy OOC. 
I wanted to add a bit something more than his usual attitude and relationships...
Hope you guys enjoy it.
How many months do you plan on moping around?”
His brother’s voice boomed all around the forest, all the way into the clearing where he was staying.
Sexual Offenderman groaned.
Had this been a different time and a different situation, he would’ve replied something witty and sarcastic to his youngest brother but not right now. Not while he was still mourning. He irritably took a big puff out of his last cigarette as he felt it go through his system. Although it didn’t help him physically, it slightly cleared his head of the depressing feelings that he’s been trying quench.
“Do you mind?” he snapped at his own brother.
The being didn&
:iconcrescentshadows19:crescentshadows19 37 31
Frozen head! Smexy x reader
Your eyes darted from room to room. Expecting some kind of creepypasta to pop out. Sense your boyfriend was non-other then sexuall offender man, you have been quite popular with the creepypasta boys. BEN tried to take a photo of you in the shower, Jeff unlocked your bedroom window because he wanted to see 'his sleeping angel' as he would say. Eyeless jack practically lived in your basement, when ever you go down to do laundry hes always there! But, they all made one mistake. They all wanted to sleep with you, and smexy didnt take that to well. Lets just say, they wont be having children for awhile. You smirked at the memory, as you thought the cost was clear, you walked into the kitchen. You opened the refrigerator only to scream and quickly shut it. As if on que, smexy appeared beside you. "Are you ok!?! I heard you scream!" You trembled as you gripped smexys jacket and pulled him to you at ears lenghth. "Why is there a women's. Head in MY REFRIGERATOR!?!!" He gave you blanke stair be
:iconangel-harmonics:Angel-Harmonics 9 0
Kichert. (Slenderman x Reader x Splendorman)
He twitched as he heard another sound come from outside his window. He pushed up his glasses and burried his face further into his work, his writing became harder and faster. The sound of pen against paper could be heard through-out his now silent room, which he was great full for. Releasing a sigh, he rubbed he bridge of his nose and sat back in his chair, letting the warm breeze roll through the open window.
He had work piled on his desk that he had to get done. Even if he didn't want to he had too. He looked out the window and watched the breeze blow through the leafs on the tree, wondering what it would be like if he could just-- No. He had to work.
He leaned back over, looking hunched because of his abnormal height. Staring down at his work, he clicked his pen and started again, enjoying the silence. Two more giggles broke through out the air, into his window. He dug his pen into his paper a bit to deep, tearing the paper a bit. His teeth grounded together and his fingers twitched
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 371 178
Poison. (Slenderman x Reader)
"Please, Slendy! Just one?"
"For ze last time, nien and don't call me zat!" He looked down at your pleading face, then to the contents in your hands and almost gave into your request at the look on your face. No! Damnit, he was Slenderman, a man of many different names, who killed people and little kids with no guilt or regret. He was not about to give in just because you begged and batted your eye-lashes at him with that pout on your cute little face. Though, it was rare to see you beg since you were more the demanding-
Oh how the-! How the hell did you even manage to get your eyes that big?
He took a step back as you took one forward, shoving what you held in his face. Which it proceeded to twist up and if it were seeing able the expression would e un-readable. He put his each of his glove hands on your shoulders and applied pressure, pushing you back out of his personal space.
His covered eye twitched as you pleaded one more time. "Please!~ It won't kill you, Slendy."
Oh, ho,
:icontubbytuna:TubbyTuna 539 377
Slenderman x Reader - Odd One 6

 Groggily you opened your eyes, everything around you blurry till you were finally able to focus your vision. It was as if you had been smacked over the head with a rock and were knocked out cold. The only reason you knew you hadn't been was because your head barley hurt, and all the pain was in your body not your head. When you felt ready, you sat up only to be stopped by something pressing down on your waist.
“What the hell...” You murmured groggily before lifting a hand and giving your eyes a good rub in order to to help you see better. When you lifted your shirt to see a tightly wrapped bandage around not only your waist but your shoulder you sighed, so you weren’t dead, just in a hell of a lot of pain.
“Good! Your awake!” Sounded a familiar voice, when you turned your head, you were over joyed to see Jack, up and bouncing over to your side with a smile on his face.
“Your OK!” You smiled, bounc
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 247 54
Slenderman x Reader - Odd One 5

 When you begun to wake from your slumber, you were surprised to feel a heavy weight settled over your waist forcing you to press into something warm and solid. You were almost scared to open your eyes, and when you did, you instantly begun wishing you had kept your eyes closed.
Laying only a few inches from your face was a blue mass which you assumed was a mask, and on that mask, there were pitch black eyes that looked like they could have been the entrance to a never ending abyss. As you scanned over what you quickly picked up on was a face, you felt yourself stiffen when you spotted a mouth, filled with shark like looking teeth that hung slightly ajar as the creature that was holding you slept.
Once you let your eyes finish there analyzation of the situation you had been brought into you, you quickly begun to search for a way out, without waking whatever had its hold on you. The last thing you wanted was to wake up the creature, for all
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 228 40
Slenderman x Reader - Odd One 4

--- Reader P.O.V. ---
Tears rolled down your cheeks as you darted home from school, your feet moving as fast as they could possibly carry you. Why were you crying? Today was your birthday. Wasn't that big of a deal, the one day out of the year that is meant you got to celebrate your making it one year more in the hard world you had learned to call home.  
Your birthday was only terrible when the kids at your school made it terrible for you. It may not have seemed like it, but you weren’t very popular among your class mates and had only a handful of people you could call friends. Before today you were never really bothered, but you guess you had missed a memo and it had turn from an average Monday to “Pick on _______,” day.
The whole day of school consisted of small pranks to make you look foolish, teasing, name calling and even a little physical harm during gym. To say the least, you were worn out, and now that you were o
:iconpilusink:PilusInk 227 46



Aurora Rebecca Wayne's an attractive but a beautiful young woman with a lithe, strong, mature, athletic, muscular, voluptuous and alluring build (firmed midriff/stomach with a strong six-pack, flared hips, toned and athletic legs, exquisitely full and large breasts and a very muscular, mature, voluptuous structure, with very strong, muscular and athletic arms) and exactly looks like a female version of Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow with long, flowing, wavy brown hair with bangs that barely overlap her eyes, as well as a semi-straight ahoge highlighted with fuchsia and sky blue streaksgoing down to her knees and with an elegant, loosely tied knot at the back free and wild like a woodland nymph, large brown eyesher expressions in this form are much softer, her nose is slender, with soft, perfect slim pale pink lips, she has two cross scars on both of her whole eyes, another scar around her neck (even though her eyeballwasn't removed, extracted, destroyed or damaged 

In her civilian form, she wears a black shawl, multi-colored arm sleeves, a sky blue dress with brown knee-high boots, with zipper, tight black bike shorts underneath, black fingerless gloves, a pair of black medium framed sized glasses over her eyes, a sky blue bracelet on her right wrist, a watch on her left wrist, a black choker and cherry blossom earringsblack & white hooded jacket with a cherry blossom on both shoulders, on the front left & right pocket, and on the center of the backa black belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachmentalso dog tags (necklace length 52cm and I.D. tags) of the U.S. Armed Forces (she used to work at U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and U.S. Coast Guard as a former five-star rank General/Admiral) 

In her vigilante form (Night Silver)she wears a black leather low-cut shoulderless ninja outfit with four sections of the midriff's flanks cut outa metal tiara headpiece with prominent metal fox earsa rectangular futuristic translucent soft-pink, pale-blue shades/visor over her eyeslong black fingerless gloves, black choker necklace with a yin-yang charm and yin-yang matching earringsgolden indestructible bulletproof bracelets cuffs on her forearms with a yin (left) and yang (right) symbol on them, large black belt with a 'NS' initial belt buckle that is tied above her waist - containing her twin guns, her other weapons, tools and gadgets, she changes her hair into black with dark blue and white streaks, a sky blue cloak that reaches near the floor and a hood that's folded down behind her neck around her shoulders with a yin-yang symbol on the center of the back also on her cloak, she has a yin-yang jewel that attached the whole thing together, black arm-guards and shin-guards, throwing knives tucked in pockets on her waist and a wakizashi sword with decorative sky blue tassels tied to her back, also slung around her right shoulder was a black messenger bag - containing her other weapons,her other gadgets, unlimited supply of gas canisters, many other things 

In her Neku Mariko Wayne/Nightmare Shadow split personality, three whiskers-like marks appears on each side of her cheeks, her irises changes to deep crimson red and her pupils changes into slits (she turns her eyes into black in civilian form)her brown hair turns into albino white (black in civilian form), grows from knee-length to ankle-length and her streaks changes from fuchsia and sky blue to lavender and indigo streaks, her expressions are much more stern, serious and sometimes cocky, her breasts and her hips becomes bigger than Aurora's & has a muscular and mature body, she wears a black and lavender catsuit with a white stripe up each leg on front and back, over the catsuit is a short black and white waistcoat with a silver lace upfront, complete with black and lavender detached sleeves and over the black knee boots with buckles, silver tiara headpiece with prominent metal fox earsa rectangular futuristic translucent soft-lilac, pale-lavender shades/visor over her eyes, crescent moon earrings, along with her black fingerless gloves, black choker necklace with a cherry blossom charm, a long-sleeved and a chin high collar lavender coat with a black flame pattern along the hemline with a cherry blossom on the left sleeve and a crescent moon on the right sleeve also with a fox logo on the center of the backlarge silver belt with its 'NS'  initial belt buckle that is tied above her waist- containing her twin guns, her other weapons, tools and gadgetsslung around her right shoulder was a lavender messenger bag - containing her other weapons, her other gadgets, unlimited supply of gas canisters, many other things 

When Neku goes to civilian form, she wears a black shawl, multi-colored arm sleeves, a purple dress with brown knee-high boots, with zipper, tight black bike shorts underneathcherry blossom necklace and kitsune earrings, black fingerless gloves, a pair of black medium framed sized glasses over her eyes, black combat boots, a wristwatch in her left wrist, a black belt reminiscent of suspenders with a note book shaped bag attachment, her hair turns black with gray streaks and her eyes into black

Unlike her best friend/love interest Jonathan Crane and Scarecrow's relationship, Aurora Rebecca Wayne/Night Silver (her vigilante name) and Neku Mariko Wayne/Nightmare Shadow (her anti-hero name)'s relationship are more sisterly like and ultimate best friends and sisters in the world (sharing the same traits, characteristics, shared minds, likes, hobbies, personality, especially sharing the same crush/love interest (without any conflict, jealousy in a non love triangle sense) with Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, whom Aurora and Neku shared their ideals with, even though Neku is evil and behaves like Scarecrow (her boyfriend), she genuinely cares very deeply for Aurora, loves her very much and gets very concerned about her safety and well-being, which also her boyfriend and Jonathan also felt the same), the two have a very strong bond and watch each other's backs, aside from Jonathan and Scarecrow and also the rest of the villains, Aurora is the only one who she can open up to 

She possesses born abilities/supernatural powers making her the most powerful vigilante in the whole galaxy,immense enhanced speed (absolute speed and she doesn't have any limitations), massive enhanced endurance (absolute endurance and she doesn't have any limitations)enhanced vision(night vision, astral vision, dimensional vision, atomic vision, aura vision, blood flow vision, chemo vision, death vision, electromagnetic vision, gamma vision, infrared vision, microwave vision, radio vision, ultraviolet vision,x-ray vision, emotion vision, energy vision, illusion vision, invisibility awareness, life vision, movement vision, multiple vision, panoramic vision, probability vision, soundwave perception and supercolor vision and she doesn't have any limitations) and hearing (accelerated hearing, blindsight/echolocation, infra-sound hearing, parabolic hearing, ultra hearing and she doesn't have any limitations), shield construction,mind and memory reading (for mind reading, she can sense the thoughts of other people, mostly hearing them like ordinary speech, but possibly by other senses such as sight, mostly she can sense the surface thoughts (including other mental communications), but she can also learn to push farther into subconscious and memories, for memory reading, she can read her target's memory to learn their history, discover lost memories and help the person remember, learn a memory that her target is unaware of, but could be useful, etc. and she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced memory (she doesn't have any limitations),adoptive muscle memory (she doesn't have any limitations), knowledge projection and replication (she doesn't have any limitations),history reading (she can instantly read and understand a person's history just by looking at or engaging in conversation with them, they learn where they've been, what they've done in the past, and what lead up to them being with her at that given point and she doesn't have any limitations) 

omnilingualism (she can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language including computer codes, languages they have never been heard before, sign language (even lip reading), and backwards speech and writing with no training at all, even communicate with animals and read body language, cyberlingualism (also called technopathy, the ability to communicate with machinery, computers and other electronics, she can also hack into cyber systems, retire information and break computer codes), electronic communication (the ability to communicate with electronic, digital and radio waves), extraterrestrial communication (the ability to decode any communications with aliens, i.e. an earthling being to understand martian language), faunal communication (the ability to decipher any animal communication and perform any fluently, she can understand and speak with animals),omni-comunication (the ability to communicate with anything/everything) and plant communication (the ability to communicate with flowers, trees, fruits, vegetables, pollens and other botanical life, she can communicate telepathically, speaking verbally and touching it physically and she doesn't have any limitations), telepathic language instruction (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced swordsmanship (she doesn't have any limitations), pressure point intuition (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced cloning (she doesn't have any limitations),  

mystical martial arts (she can utilize mystical combat in multiple forms of martial arts, many of those who train in martial arts gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harness multiple forms of magic, traditional martial arts (more known than mystical martial arts. It allows her to perform styles of combat to a superhuman level), alien martial arts (fighting styles that mimic alien fighting styles), animal/beast martial arts (fighting styles that mimic animal fighting styles), assassination arts (fighting styles purely created for destructive reasons), bionic martial arts (either an android or cyborg may be able to use these techniques, but may be limited to using either energy sources or whatever that they are equipped with), divine/demonic martial arts (extremely rare and can never be used by mere mortals), elemental martial arts (combining the powers of the elements with their combat skills), magical martial arts (a form using basic magic in physical combat), superhuman martial arts (martial arts skills achieved by metahuman or mutant abilities) and she doesn't have any limitations),  

martial arts intuition (she can intuitively understand all Martial Arts, using them like the user trained them over the years, aikido (a combat art of using throws and wristlocks to take an opponent down without harm), boxing (martial arts which derives from lunches and sportsmanship), capoeira (a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance and music), dark martial arts (fighting styles purely created for destructive reasons), elemental martial arts (combining the powers of the elements with combat skills), judo (where the objective is to either throw or take down an opponent to the ground),jujutsu(basic can manipulating the opponent's force against himself rather than confronting it with one's own force), karate (a combat art using punches, kicks, as well as elbow and knee strikes. Different styles also teaches grappling, locking,restrain, and vital point strike techniques) kung fu (different styles of fighting using kicks, punches, acrobatic moves and weapons), muaythai(combining fighting with grappling, punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes), superhuman martial arts (martial arts skills achieved by metahuman or mutant abilities), tae kwon do (fighting using mostly the feet and legs to strike with different kick attacks), traditional martial arts (more known than mystical martial art. It allows her to perform styles of combat to a superhuman level and she doesn't have any limitations), relationship identification (she can sense the relationships or connections people have to one another, identifying them as lovers, friends, family, etc. She can also see where those bonds are weak and use them to their benefit and she doesn't have any limitations), disguise mastery (she possesses remarkable prowess in disguise and acting that makes them able to easily blend in to society and she doesn't have any limitations), love detection (she can detect the feeling of love between oneself and/or others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to find out the person around them is in love or building to that level, she may be able to sense the depth of that emotion), hatred detection (she can detect the feeling of hate between oneself and/or others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing them to find out the person around them is in hate or building to that level), emotion detection (she can (mostly) sense and (not all the time) manipulate the emotions, including feelings, moods and their affects, of themselves, people, animals and other creatures (that's how she's able to sense her love interest Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow's emotions, including his feelings, moods and his affects and the others around her), she can also sense the presence of others by sensing their emotions) 

ninjutsu (she can utilize ninjutsu, the historic style of martial arts, tactics, strategy, and espionage of unconventional andguerillawarfare, contrary to popular culture, real life ninja were mainly spies, saboteurs, and assassins that rarely appeared in battle, depending on the school and source ninjutsu focuses on different disciplines, the most common of which was the eighteen disciplines of thebujinkan, seishinteki kyōyō (spiritual refinement), taijutsu (unarmed combat), kenjutsu (sword techniques), bōjutsu (stick and staff techniques), sōjutsu (spear techniques), naginatajutsu (naginata techniques), kusarigamajutsu (kusarigama techniques), shurikenjutsu (throwing weapons techniques), kayakujutsu (pyrotechnics), hensōjutsu (disguise and impersonation), shinobi-iri (stealth and entering methods), bajutsu (horsemanship), sui-ren (water training), bōyaku (tactics), chōhō (espionage), intonjutsu (escaping and concealment), tenmon (meteorology), chi-mon (geography), kuji-kiri (esoteric hand-seal practice) 

enhanced durability (she doesn't have any limitations), a powerful immune system (immune to every forms of poisons and toxic gases), immune system manipulation, immunity mode (only hers doesn't have any limitations), a strong heart, will and soul, hypnosis, elemental manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations),magic (only hers doesn't have any limitations), weather manipulation, weapon manipulation, dream and nightmare manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations),telekinesis, super strength,telepath, teleportation,replication (only hers doesn't have any limitations), copy someone’s powers,invulnerability she doesn't have any limitations), voice manipulation, shapeshifting (only hers doesn't have any limitations), technology manipulation, psionic manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), body manipulation (only here doesn't have any limitations),reality warping (master-level and only hers doesn't have any limitations), animal empathy and telepathy (only hers doesn't have any limitations), enhanced flexibility (only hers doesn't have any limitations), 

body temperature manipulation (cold immunity, cryogenic blood, fire immunity, flammable blood, weather adaptation, thermal resistance, temperature regulation, freezing, heat generation and only hers doesn't have any limitations), aura manipulation, precognitive, intangibility, science manipulation (rule obsolescent and only hers doesn't have any limitations), sizeshifting(either making herself bigger or be small), enhanced intelligence/genius intellect, energy projection (colored bright fuchsia), starbolt beams, starbolt waves, starbolt blasts, starbolt bursts, starbolt eye beams, space time manipulation, age shifting, invisibilty, kitsune physiology (only hers doesn't have any limitations), spirit physiology, sealing powers, fear and courage manipulation, will empowerment, power immunity, enhanced senses (absolute senses and only hers doesn't have any limitations), healing,flight,lie detection, truth detection, sound manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), music manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), sensory tracking, past life awareness, wave manipulation,breath manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations) 

good sense, evil sense, canine physiology, absolute immortality (only hers doesn't have any limitations), enhanced reflexes (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced jumping (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced agility (absolute agility and she doesn't have any limitations), illusion manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), indomitable will (only hers doesn't have any limitations), absolute condition (only hers doesn't have any limitations), enhanced combat (only hers doesn't have any limitations), poison immunity (only hers doesn't have any limitations), plant manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), poison manipulation(only hers doesn't have any limitations), organic manipulation(only hers doesn't have any limitations), divided mind (only hers doesn't have any limitations), healing factor (absolute level and doesn't have any limitations), multiple lives,gravity manipulation (only hers doesn't have any limitations), oxygen independence (only hers doesn't have any limitations), enhanced and supernatural smell (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced and supernatural tracking (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced taste (she doesn't have any limitations),  

enhanced and supernatural touch (she doesn't have any limitations), accelerated perception(she doesn't have any limitations), electroreception(she doesn't have any limitations), energy detection(she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced awareness(she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced balance(she doesn't have any limitations), extrasensory perception(she doesn't have any limitations), infrared perception(she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced athleticism (absolute athleticism and she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced dexterity (she doesn't have any limitations), enhanced stamina (absolute stamina and she doesn't have any limitations), voice switching (she doesn't have any limitations), voice projection, voice replication or also called voice mimicry (she doesn't have any limitations), sonic scream (she doesn't have any limitations), sense focusing (she doesn't have any limitations), etc. 




Gabriela Melissa Delgado Rosa
Artist | Student | Other
Puerto Rico


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